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John Crawford’s “concerned citizen” admits he lied.



So he should go to jail.


John Crawford is dead because ONE paranoid white man and his wife decided he was a threat to public safety and called 911.  The story he originally gave police is falling apart because — SURPRISE! —- there are security cameras, so now he’s changed his tune.

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How many Black people in Amerikkkan history have died due to the words of “concerned” white citizens?

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3 Things Off the Top of My Head I Wish a Trans Woman Had Told Me When I Was First Transitioning


1. Nobody checks the gender marker on ID
I mean, don’t sue me if it happens or anything, cause this isn’t legal advice, but I’ve flown a bajillion times since transitioning and got Ma’m’ed a lot despite A. not changing my gender marker for, like, 10 years and B. TSA regulations requiring them to check for it and C. trying my damnedest to present as male in order to match my ID. Basically, I used to freak out a lot about this, but the reality is people are about as likely to cross reference your gender as your height or eye color. It’s one of those things people tend to assume they can discern without official documentation. Never say never, but don’t give yourself a heart attack over it.

2. People aren’t listening to you pee
I spent years, YEARS, worrying that the stall door was gonna get kicked in because the woman next to me realized that my pee hitting water sounded different than her pee hitting water. I don’t know if this is a thing a lot of other people freak out about, but I just wanna say that, if you do, you might be giving the average person’s powers of observation too much credit. Even if you’re taking, like, a ten minute pee, like a Tom Hanks in a League of Their Own style pee (probably because you’ve been holding it for 2 fucking hours and you’re either using the bathroom or pissing yourself in the mall) nobody is paying that much attention to the fucking sound of you doing your business.

3. When your peers start randomly asking you “what’s wrong?” even though there’s absolutely nothing wrong, it’s an indication that they’re starting to see you as a woman.
This confused the shit out of me for a long time. I’d be at work or sitting in a chair or otherwise lost in thought and someone would be like, “hey, what’s wrong?” and I’d be like, “WTF? Literally nothing. I had no negative thoughts in my head. I was day dreaming about turtles.” Thing is, a neutral face (or, ya know, a thoughtful, concentrated, or otherwise not preoccupied with everyone else face) on a woman is read as a negative by most people because sexism. Congratulations & Happy trails!

oh my god the pee thing! i thought i was the only one who worried about that!

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